Terrific Trees -a compilation of moving Images celebrating trees

Trees have been a strong subject in my Photographic creations and have since featured in my moving images below are videos I created which consists of a selection of shorter moving images compiled together to create a longer story


I have many new and ongoing creations which celebrate the seasons of growth of trees here is a compilation i created of some of them

Seasons is as much about the variety growth on nodes of trees as a celebration of the Seasons of Growth compiled together


Tree Study is compilation of shorter clips which examines and investigates the fragility and importance of trees.


Equinox documents the growth of a tree through the seasons

Augmented Reality Creations

In 2021 I discovered I could bring images to life by using augmented Reality by using applications to activate videos . Darkest Night was created for an exhibition to celebrate the Winter Solstice and incorporates the photo I took in 2018 of the tree opposite the Royal Childrens Hospital for a Halloween Project revamped and animated .

Darkest Night


Path of change is an augmented reality overlay filter I created using the images of the Avenue of Trees in Winter which are opposite the Alfred Hospital. I have been documenting the changes to the trees while using the filter.