Favourite Black and White Film Photos 2022.

I am beginning the Year with my first post of 2023 on my neglected website by sharing 10 of my favourite black and white film photos i took in 2022.

I got back into film photography in 2021 and i enjoy experimenting with different techniques particularly double exposure , I develop the black and white film at home. I also shoot colour as well and may try and develop it at home too.I hope to create a portfolio of images either for an exhibition or a book this year.

I will also be updating my website and hope to post at least once a week and engage more in the community.

Looking forward to the year ahead.

Zoe xo

11 thoughts on “Favourite Black and White Film Photos 2022.

  1. I love those double exposures giving the images a selective color vibe! I am impressed that you still do chemical processing. I used to be in that arena, but I’ve been swayed away from that aspect by digital processing. I’m looking forward to seeing your color film results and would love to read about the technical details.
    Following so I don’t miss them.

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    1. thanks John, I still use my digital cameras though not that often. I like to experiment more with film particularly double exposures .i’d like to get back in the darkroom to print maybe this year..

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    1. Thanks John the overlays are achieved by double exposing the film in the camera. It’s a fun technique and the anticipation to see if anything has turned out is exciting.

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