Hi I’m Zoé Haynes-Smith and welcome to my Photography Portfolio. I live on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. I studied photography and sculpture at Southern Cross University in the late 90’s in the days of darkroom and film.Though it wasn’t until 2013 that my passion for photography was reignited when I bought my first dslr . Since then I spend most of my time researching and photographing personal photographic projects and landscapes for prints.

I am also a freelance photographer. I primary photograph food and products which I love .Fast pace and and go go go from beginning to end of shoot.

I have a multidisciplinary approach to my photographic practice.

Through photography I strive to discover and explore ways of turning the ordinary into something extroidanary by manipulation of light composition and persective, creating a sense of mystery which would offer viewers to wonder and to question.

I am motivated by the challenge of being constained by a theme a brief or object and developing original ideas with an innovative approach.

I believe that the true magic of creation is acieved through practice and repitition and pushing the boundaries conceptually.

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