Photo of the Week.

This Weeks Photo of the Week from my 366 Project is A Landscape at St Paul’s Beach, Sorrento, that I took on Tuesday.  I’ve attempted this shot a few times though have always got deep shadows of the rocks and no detail. This time i did a bit of study of my camera manual and either by fluke or technique I got what I was after.

9 thoughts on “Photo of the Week.

    1. Thanks Julz, I did bracket this shot I also discovered my camera does single bracketing which evenly exposed the shot. I have so much to learn😬.processing-I upload pics from my camera to my iPad and edit them there. I’m looking at taking photography a bit more seriously next year so really need to learn photoshop and Lightroom, though I really like how fast editing is on my iPad it is very limiting. I’ll check out your YouTube later maybe a good place to start.

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      1. I’m a member of a few that are very active, we have weekends away and everything, although to be fair things are winding down for the year
        the first one is more of a think tank…
        *Creative Minds Photography Lounge*
        this next one is very active for ALL levels
        *Victorian Photographers Collective* join one or either on Facebook, both based in Melbourne and both have a great group of people……there are lots of others as well


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